Losing an hour in the spring and gaining that precious hour in the fall. Daylight savings time has its perks and its setbacks, but a new bill would eliminate the clock change in Idaho. 

According to idahonews.com The House State Affairs Committee unanimously introduced a bill on Friday to end daylight savings time in the state.

Rep. Christy Zito says the bill was inspired by all the calls she gets regarding the twice-a-year time change. She says she gets more phone calls and e-mails about daylight savings time than any other issue.

Those opposing the bill say it would pose problems for Northern Idahoans who are in the Pacific time zone and Federal Law only allows entire states to opt-out of daylight savings time. The proposed bill would put the entire state of Idaho on Standard time.

State Affairs Committee Chairman Rep., Steven Harris R-Meridian says it's an "easy bill to print" but a "hard bill to pass."

Personally, as a mother, I know when I had young children I hated daylight savings time because it threw them off of their schedule. Babies don't care what your kitchen clock says, when they are up, they are up and daylight savings time usually made for ornery kids and one very sleep deprived Mama! I know there are other issues as to why daylight savings time was put into place and one key component is having enough light when kids go off to school in the morning.

We'll keep you in the loop whether or not this bill passes.



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