Boise and the Treasure Valley Weather Update for January 3rd - January 8th

As Boise tackles the first week of 2024, there appears to be a significant weather shift on the horizon, promising higher chances of snow before next week Monday. This week's forecast brings a mix of precipitation, fog, and potential snow. Here's the week's detailed weather forecast:

Information from the National Weather Service.

Wednesday - January 3rd
Today anticipates rain and snow likely after 11:00am, with a high near 39. There's a 70% chance of precipitation, with total daytime snow accumulation of less than a half inch.

Thursday - January 4th
Thursday starts with areas of fog before 11:00am, gradually transforming into mostly sunny conditions with a high near 43. 8 mph winds are expected later in the day.

Friday - January 5th
Friday introduces a chance of rain and snow after 11:00pm, with increasing cloud coverage and fog. The chance of precipitation is 20%.

Saturday - January 6th
Saturday brings a 50% chance of snow after 11:00am, with mostly cloudy conditions and a high near 38. New snow accumulation is projected to be less than a half inch.

Sunday - January 7th
Sunday holds a 20% chance of snow, with partly sunny skies and a high near 33. The night is expected to be cloudy with a low around 17.

Moving into next week, there continues to be a 20-50% chance of snow and highs near 31.

Boise and Treasure Valley residents are advised to monitor updates closely as the likelihood of snow and changing weather patterns persists. Be prepared for snow, and exercise caution on the roads and highways.

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