We're almost two weeks away from the Congressional Midterms, the first in the Trump Presidency. As you know, traditionally the midterms have not been kind to the party in power. See Bill Clinton in 1994 and Barrack Obama in 2010 for further evidence.

Democrats across Idaho and around the country have been gleefully calling the midterms the 'blue wave.' The Democrats believe that because of Trump Fatigue and a lower enthusiasm among Republicans, that they will be able to retake the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate. Conventional Wisdom would say that it looked excellent for the party of Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer.

Recently two significant events have derailed the progressive takeover of the Senate and could help the Republicans maintain their majority in the House.

The contentious fight over the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination has awoken conservatives across the country. Trump voters did not like to see the personal attacks on the judge. The fight solidified the belief among Republicans that the Democrats will do whatever they can to stop the president's agenda.

The second event could be called a 'October Surprise.' The caravan of citizens from Central America is providing the Conservative Base fuel to go to the polls. The president was elected on secure borders and building a wall. Thousands of folks coming across the border shows the need for further border safety. The Democrats have no answer except to let these folks in with government benefits.

Is there proof that Republicans are getting pumped for this election? The answer is yes, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll.

The poll showed President Trump's approval rating rising, and the Democrats lead in House battles diminishing. Three months ago, the Republicans faced a long historical challenge in keeping both houses of Congress. Today their odds have increased tremendously.

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