It has been rumored that the Obamas want to return to power.  They're horrified by what the country has become under President Trump.  In fact, one can look at the recycling of flawed Joe Biden as proof that the Obamas want back in. NY Post has a scenario where Biden picks Michelle Obama for his vice presidential pick.  She's currently is the most popular political figure in this country outside of President Trump.  Obama brings with her the base of the democratic party along with her husband's old coalition.

Now here's where it gets interesting, Biden/Obama win, Biden in sworn into office and resigns the next day.  Michelle is sworn in as the president and is still eligible to serve an additional eight years as the commander in chief.  We shall see if the New York Post is on to something with this article.  Well, we've had the Bushes and the Clintons, could we have the Obamas and the Trumps?

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