We can all agree that the weather in Idaho has been wild lately. So much so, that even spiders are confused. Just the other day, my fiancée texted me while I was at work that we would "have to start checking our shoes" before putting them on.

Confused, I asked why and that's when she told me she spotted a "spider or two" running out of one of her shoes. Not thinking because I was absolutely terrified, I asked her: "What kind?"

"No idea," she replied. We don't even know where the little spawns of Satan ended up running off to.

Cue the anxiety, folks! You better believe that every time I grab anything out of our drawers or closet I am thoroughly checking for any would-be eight-legged monsters waiting to eat me. I'm even looking into getting a flamethrower just to give my family peace of mind... however, my fiancée isn't particularly fond of the idea.

When doing further research, I only added fuel to my anxiety and now nightmares about these spiders setting up shop in our home off of Federal Way. Thanks a lot, internet.

Without further ado, here are the spiders that appear to be invading the state of Idaho...can they be stopped?

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