Okay, so there have been a lot of weird laws in Idaho that have been circulating lately. For example, look at these wacky ones:


TRUE OR FALSE: Can You Guess Which Idaho Laws Are Real?

Let's see how well you do at guessing which of these silly laws are true and which are false.


Oh and if you like to fish, watch out. Cause you could get fined for fishing this way:


Bizzare Idaho Law Restricts You From Fishing This Way


Oh, and on Sundays, you better keep your kids away from Marigorounds!


Here’s why:


Why Keep Your Kids Away From Merry-Go-Rounds on Sundays


But, it doesn’t end there. There has been chatter around an Idaho law forbidding you to live in a dog house unless you are a dog. Is this true?


Just take a look at this hilarious TikTok describing the odd law:


@taramacks Strange State Laws: Idaho Edition #OUTDATEDLAWS#greenscreen#strangelaws#strangestatelaws#statelaws#weirdlaws#taramacks#idaho#idaholaws#fyp♬ original sound - TaraMacks
So, we did some digging and this is what we found:

Is it Actually Illegal in Idaho to Live in a Dog House?

Weird Idaho Laws, Dog House Edition
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