Today's guests:  6 a.m. - Kent Lassman from the Competitive Enterprise Institute sets the record straight about the economy.  Ken takes a look at the continuing challenge involving our national debt and deficit.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners expressing their concern over what the financial future may hold for the country.  Kevin Miller shares the story of a notorious former public official.  Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is suing the FBI and Department of Justice after he was terminated 24-hours before his planned retirement in March of last year. In his lawsuit, McCabe argues that his firing was politically motivated and retaliatory. McCabe is seeking “any and all relief necessary for him to retire as he had originally planned" and this includes "his full earned law enforcement pension, healthcare insurance, and other retirement benefits.  Kevin Millers asks ” Was McCabe wrongfully terminated, why or why not?  In what ways do you feel the government is at fault here, or not?  Do you think he should receive all or at least some of his benefits?  He takes calls from listeners responding to his questions.  ; 6:35 a.m. - Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso follows the president ; 7 a.m. - Mark Meckler of Citizens for Self Governance shares his concern for the future of America ; 7:35 a.m. - Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland reports there's trouble brewing in the Persian Gulf ; 8 a.m. - David Bozell of For America with his unique take on current political events.

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