In a heart-wrenching incident early this morning, two horses met with a terrible accident on Ten Mile Road near the Victory roundabout. This information comes directly from a post on the Kuna Must Know Facebook group, with comments pouring in from the community.

Hours have passed since the accident, and the horses allegedly are still there on the side of the road, even as of 2:30pm this afternoon. It's a scene that leaves many of us in disbelief, sadness, and frustration, as witnessed through the heartfelt comments on the posts.

Owners of the horses have allegedly been identified and notified, however many components and questions regarding this incident remain unclear; Why were these horses loose on Ten Mile? Who hit them and did they drive off? If more becomes publicly available, we will strive to update this story.

This is a tragic accident, and hopefully it will serve as a reminder of the need for responsible pet ownership and the importance of alert driving on our roads. This is a call to action for us to pay close attention to the roads and be responsible, compassionate drivers.

In the past few years, there's been an unfortunate increase in the number of road incidents and accidents in our communities. To make our community safer, we need to be better, kinder drivers. Together, we can strive to ensure these terrible accidents are not repeated. We want Idaho to be a place where people are caring on the road, and compassionate for each other.

And we love our horses! Keep scrolling to see horses in Kuna going through the Panda Express drive-thru.

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