Kevin takes a look at the moral issues facing the country.  Kevin takes another look at the possible release of Idaho POW Bowe Bergdahl.

8AM-830AM Senator Mike Crapo joins Kevin in studio taking calls from concerned citizens. The anniversary of the stimulus, Bowe Bergdahl, the budget, and other issues are discussed.


Kevin breaks down the efforts to bring Bowe Bergdahl home.  The Washington Post point out that there is a new effort to bring Bowe home.  Jeff Monosso from Fox News Radio checks in from New York City on the cold weather.


Kevin takes a look at the latest attempt to pay teachers.  He also takes a look at religious rituals involving snakes.  Kevin goes back and forth with callers on teacher's pay.


Kevin goes live to Jerusalem with Fox News Radio's Emily Wither.  Emily details the latest in the Syrian Peace Process.  Kevin takes a look at movements in Idaho and Tennessee to protect businessmen from same sex law suits.


Kevin takes a look at the attacks on Rand Paul for defending marriage.  He asks the question, who would keep their job if they slept with an intern at work.  Kevin looks at the bus driver who has been charged with negligent driving that caused a crash last month.


Kevin and Dave take a look the President's Day Holiday.  They review Jimmy Fallon's debut on the Tonight Show.  Kevin calls Jimmy fish, faced Fallon.  Kevin and Dave review the Winter Olympics.