It's time for the Spring edition of Miller's Mission benefiting the Boise Rescue Mission Ministries.  This May we're asking you to donate your pennies to make a difference in the lives of Treasure Valley families.Kevin Miller will be living at the Wal Mart in Nampa on Garrity and Franklin beginning May 20th until May 25th.  He'll be hosting the KIDO Talk Radio Morning Show collecting pennies (cash), food, clothing, water, underwear, socks, and other items that most of us take for granted.

However, this year Miller' Mission begins today.  Kevin would like your help in collecting pennies for the Mission, or to quote that old song, 'Pennies from Heaven.'  Here's how you can help.  All you have to do is contact Kevin Miller at, say you want to join the 'Penny Patrol,' and Kevin will go over the details with you on how you can help the Boise Rescue Mission.

Our goal is to find, collect, and donate as many pennies as possible to the Mission. Pennies can add up to fund Summer programs that make a difference for Treasure Valley Kids and Veterans.

Unfortunately charitable deductions have taken a hit because of the new tax rules.  Folks are taking the full deduction rather than the charitable one.  Please join us in making a difference this May.  Regardless of how many or few pennies you may have lying around please join our Penny Patrol.

A special thanks to Team Mazda Subaru, Camping World, and the Boise Rescue Mission.


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