It wasn’t even a week ago when a video caught something resembling “flares” lit up the skies near Mountain Home, Idaho. The video circulated on Facebook, sparking theories ranging from military tests to UFOs. Now, another peculiar sighting is being shared by Bruneau Dunes State Park which is just fifteen miles from Mountain Home. Known for its breathtaking sights and sand trails, the Facebook page for the park shared fascinating photos of what we’ll call (for the sake of not knowing the actual cause) an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP).

The sighting occurred this past Saturday evening and was captured at the park’s observatory.

“As we were about to wrap things up at the observatory Saturday night shortly after midnight, we saw this object moving towards us from the East,” the park shared in their post. “Then as it got closer, it just expanded and dissipated as seen in the third photo.”

The object in question can be described in many ways but it appears to take the shape of a “halo.” Interestingly enough, in the first two photos, there appears to be a bright light “floating” below the UAP before it goes completely missing in the third photo.

Of course, comments on the post suggest extraterrestrial activity while a few others suggest the sighting is related to SpaceX. But what IS going on? As we previously mentioned, this could technically be considered the second sighting in under a week near Mountain Home. Is the Air Force Base nearby testing new equipment? Are extraterrestrials getting in on the housing boom and looking to settle down in Mountain Home? Whatever is happening in the skies of Mountain Home, one thing is for sure – SOMETHING is happening and we have no explanation for it. Let's take a closer look...

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