One state in the Mountain West has had it with the Chinese App TikTok. Utah announced yesterday that it will sue the App over alleged predatory practices targeting children. Federal and state government devices have banned TikTok over security concerns. Utah says that TikTok misrepresents its safety procedures and lures kids into dangerous, destructive behavior.
The Utah Department of Commerce’s Division of Consumer Protection says TikTok deliberately manipulates young users to stay on the App for extended periods to make more money.

Utah Governor Vows To Protect Kids

“We will no longer tolerate TikTok misleading parents that its app is safe for children,” said Gov. Cox. “Social media companies must be held responsible for the harms they are causing. The experts — from the U.S. Surgeon General and behavioral science researchers to parents and teens — all agree that social media is affecting our children’s mental health and it’s time to intervene.”


Utah Attorney General Says TikTok Must Be Stopped

Utah's Attorney General held nothing back explaining how TikTok is harming parents and children in Utah and across the country. “My top priority is protecting our children in Utah,” Attorney General Reyes said. “I’m tired of TikTok lying to Utah parents. I’m tired of our kids losing their innocence and even their lives addicted to the dark side of social media. TikTok will only change if put at legal risk—and ‘at risk’ is where they have left our youth in exchange for profit and greed. Immediate and pervasive threats require swift and bold responses. We have a compelling case against TikTok. Our kids are worth the fight.”

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Inside Utah's Allegations Against TIkTok

The lawsuit filed under the Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act. Here are the three charges from the governor's office.

  1. TikTok deployed, continually refined, and marketed an addictive product with design features intended to manipulate children, all while knowing that the product caused harm to these young users — an unconscionable business practice.
  2. TikTok misled young users and their parents by representing that its app was safe when it knew it was not — a deceptive business practice.
  3. TikTok misled Utah consumers about the degree to which TikTok remains enmeshed with and under the control of ByteDance, its China-based parent company — another deceptive business practice.

We'll continue to update you on this story at it develops. Could Idaho follow with a lawsuit?

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