June has been a rather turbulent Pride Month for the Treasure Valley. The Rainbow Flags have continued to be vandalized on Harrison Boulevard in Boise. The police chief warned the criminals who have destroyed flags over the years. (It does seem odd that these criminals haven't been caught and prosecuted in the age of technology and a camera on every doorstep.)

Eagle, a town known for its diverse community, made a unique mark this Pride Month by hosting the first-ever 'Heterosexual is Awesome Month '. In a bid to celebrate diversity, the owner of the Old State Saloon announced their intention to honor heterosexuals without diminishing the importance of other sexual orientations. This inclusive approach garnered national attention from various media outlets.

Canyon County held its first Pride event, drawing a significant reaction from citizens who were against it. The city of Nampa couldn't prevent the event from happening due to the First Amendment. Despite inflammatory social media postings, the event occurred without arrests or any major embarrassing incidents.

However, the Nampa event was so important that the nation's newspaper, The Washington Post, sent a reporter and photographer to cover it. (I guess nothing is going on in Congress and the race for the White House?)

The article details the challenges of event organizer Tom Wheeler.  

"A Satanist blew a whistle. A protester rattled the barricade, and Wheeler willed himself to breathe. The Liberty Dogs did have guns, but otherwise, they were just 10 men and women in sunglasses. A Nampa police officer told them to step back. Wheeler nodded, reminded himself he had hired people to protect everyone, then headed back inside. A gay men's chorus sang an a cappella version of George Michael's "Faith."

When will the national media realize that the Gem State is one of the most accepting places in the country? Unlike California, Idahoans agree to disagree civilly.

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