Seventeen years ago today our country was attacked by radical terrorists.  Is September 11th just another day?  How do we teach a new generation of Americans the most defining moment in our lifetime?

I will always remember the uncertainty of that day. Most Americans saw the plane hit the second tower in real time. Then it was the Pentagon, and finally, Flight 93 heading straight to the capitol. The news happened in real time throughout the day. No one knew where President Bush was. He and a group were shuttled on Air Force One to a more secure location.

How could there be a more secure location than the White House?

The president returned that day to address the nation. We learned about the heroics of Todd Beamer and others on Flight 93. Those passengers decided to take down the terrorist before they could succeed in another attack. It cost them their lives.

The bravery of all the first responders reacting to those attacks. It takes an indescribably individual to run into harm's way. Some were perhaps knowing that to save others; it may cost them their lives. We hold their sacrifice firmly as we remember September 11th. We pray for all who died on that day and the days following to keep the terrorist accountable.

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