Idahoans will get a chance to let their voices be heard as the state's primary is almost a month away. Unlike the recent Idaho Republican Caucus, Democrats and Republicans can vote for their favorite or least favorite candidate. The following is a list of suggestions to help determine which person running for office is looking out for you.

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Voting in Idaho Details

The Idaho Primary Election will be held on May 21st. If you have questions about your voting status or need to register to vote in Idaho, click the link here. You'll need an Idaho Driver's License, ID Card, passport, or federal ID to vote. You'll have to provide proof of residency and be over the age of eighteen. If you have a question of who is voting in this year's primary click the link here.

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A State Dominated by One Political Party

Unlike other states, Idaho is dominated by the state's Republican Party. According to the Idaho Secretary of State's office, Idaho has over one million voters: 583,961 Republicans, 125,503 Democrats, and 275,329 Independent voters. In other words, it is a Ruby Red Republican state. The only place that the Democrats survive is in the super-urban area of Boise.

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Don't Believe Everything You See or Read!

Idaho political veterans will tell stories of how many lies some politicians make in hopes of getting elected. It isn't unusual to get a door hanger, postcards, and text messages from two candidates running for the same office claiming the other is against Idaho Values.

You will get to meet most candidates as they'll knock door to door or appear at various candidate forums. We suggest you ask simple and direct questions. If they're worth anything, they'll answer you honestly.

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