Not even one of the most competitive Super Bowls could save the NFL from another ratings decline.  How the NFL can get its groove back and once again become America's National Pastime.    The game is still the most watched event on television.  The NFL will never have a problem in the near future convincing folks to spend their precocious dollars on Super Bowl Ads.  However, if tune out continues, it might be the end of the NFL that gets our national attention and not the end of the New England Patriots.

Last night's game lost about 3% of the viewers from last year's game and was the lowest rated since 2010, according to Deadline Hollwood. 

It's now time for the NFL and its players to get out of the political business and back into the sports business.  Step number one is that the entire Philadelphia Eagles need to show up at the White House once their invited.  Leave the politics for the low rated politicians.  We'll never see 100,000 people paying big money to see a politician give a speech.

Step number two is that NFL require all their athletes to respect and stand for the national anthem.  Let's get back to the game and not highlight folks that have an agenda.  Most fans keep their opinions to themselves at work, it's time the high priced NFL Players did the same.

Step number three is to really, really embrace the community on a local level.  The NFL has an outstanding program called the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.  Why not use that model for teams?

It's time to end the distractions and get back to football?  It is time yet for training camp?

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