In an unexpected turn of events, the Caldwell Police Department has officially decided to cancel the roll-out of their brand new Autism Awareness patrol vehicle, citing recent concerns and division within the community.

The CPD issued a statement expressing their commitment to respecting the Autism community and the symbols representing them. "We have chosen to table the roll-out of the Autism Awareness patrol car at this time," the statement reads. "Our goal with the car was to raise awareness and acceptance for autistic people and their families. Our role is to always remain neutral and unite the community, and the car was causing too much division."

The decision highlights the balance that law enforcement faces when it comes to championing social causes. Initially intended as a positive symbol to promote understanding and acceptance for individuals with autism in the community, the patrol car quickly became a focal point of community debate.

Overall, the CPD is acknowledging the unexpected controversy and is prioritizing community unity over the continuation of this initiative.

Now, the released statement raises questions about whether or not this vehicle will be unveiled at some point in the future. They claim the reveal for this new patrol car is canceled, but the statement reads, "We have chosen to table the roll out of the Autism Awareness patrol car at this time," which alludes that the vehicle roll-out is just postponed for the time being.

Overall, the decision to postpone the roll-out underscores the complexities involved in implementing initiatives that touch on sensitive topics, but this circumstance highlights the CDP's dedication and commitment to unifying the community.

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