How did an unknown corporate attorney became television's biggest star?  Megyn Kelly is opinionated, driven, and very successful.  Her critics view her as an overnight success.  She's known for her tough interview style and getting the big get.  The Syracuse Grad has no problem holding both sides of the partisan battle accountable to her viewers on Fox.  Critics are still marveling at her back and forth with former Vice President Dick Cheney.

However, Kelly is a driven by success and shares her insights with Variety.  In the interview she shares her point of view:

“I’m an independent.  I’m not rooting for anybody,” she says. “I’m a Fox News anchor, and I have no horse in the race. I can give anyone a hard time.  I don’t really separate the two. I just think of myself as Megyn Kelly — broadcaster. You can do both.”

The former WJLA TV weekend reporter is not without her critics.  She has been the target of HBO's Bill Maher and Comedy Central's Jon Stewart.  Kelly tells Variety how her reaction to critics has changed over the years.

“When you’re young and just starting, you think, ‘Oh gosh, how much power does he have? Is he going to hurt me?' Frankly, I really no longer listen to Jon Stewart. I think we’ve stood the test of time.”

Megyn Kelly's work continues night after night in between Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel.  If her ascent continues we may see her on a bigger stage if that's possible.  Until then, we'll all sit back and enjoy the show.