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You won't hear or read this story from the pro-pot media.  In fact, some states have mandated that dispensaries remain open as essential operations.  Well, that might be changing soon because of a new report. Some people believe that smoking the week will relax us.  Thankfully the state of Idaho is not legalizing marijuana.  But doctors warn that smoking marijuana could increase the risk of complications from COVID-19, reports CNN.  Dr. Albert Rizzo of the American Lung Association says smoking cannabis - much like cigarettes - causes inflammation in the lungs and can make a coronavirus infection worse.

It can also make it harder for a doctor to accurately diagnose symptoms. Smokers and people with asthma or lung disease are considered high-risk for severe illness from COVID-19. It looks the medical marijuana initiative in Idaho will not happen this year.  Supporters have failed to get enough signatures to get it on the ballot according to insiders.  We have no reports at this time on whether the Ontario Weed shops will remain open or will close.

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