The Idaho Vandals are this year's college football feel-good program. The Vandals exceeded expectations, made the playoffs, and injected hope throughout the alums and the student body. Surprisingly, the team received an unexpected post-season honor as Vandal Receiver Gevani McCoy was awarded the Jerry Rice Award. The award goes to the top freshman in the Football Champion Subdivision (FSC).

Usually, a post-season award allows a football program to use the honor to attract more recruits to the team. However, college football is different from what it was two years ago. College Football is on its way to destroying itself, fueled by greed and two significant changes that undermine its foundation.

The addition of name, image, and likeness and the transfer portal has transformed college football into a mini version of the NFL. NFL teams are more stable than college teams because players are bound by contracts that prohibit players from moving from one team to another. In the new world of college football, players can leave teams not for a better opportunity but for more money. More extensive programs are now targeting players at lower-level schools live Idaho.  



Schools in the FSC will have to re-recruit their players. Is it possible that major schools are not actively recruiting Mr. McCoy or any other outstanding player? If you're a gifted athlete that has proven themselves wouldn't be receptive to a school that can pay players and offers unlimited resources.

College football's adjustment to its past unfair compensation is ruining the sport. Let's hope there's a place for teams like the Vandals to proper instead of being a feeder system for more extensive programs.

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