2020 was a horrible year for collegiate basketball.  Conference tournaments were cancelled due to Covid concerns.  The NCAA's largest money maker, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament was cancelled because athletes safety couldn't be guaranteed.  The NBA has the benefit of having selected teams playing in a bubble which allowed the league to finish its season.  College basketball teams do not have the resources or the ability to quarantine all of their teams.  Governor Brad Little expressed his concerns about a basketball season due to the nature of indoor sports.

Optimists across the country believe that the NCAA will figure out a solution to the Covid crisis.  There is talk that the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament will house all 68 teams in Indianapolis instead of having regional tournaments.

Games have begun across the country, but their is the issue of testing and cancellations.  The Big 10 Conference has had to cancel several football games because of Covid infections.  Football has less games, but more players.  Basketball has more games, but less players.

Although were early in the season, Colorado, Saint John's, Fresno State, and Maryland have cancelled tests because of positive tests for players.  Sports Illustrated has advocated for moving the tournament to May.  The magazine publishers envision a men's tournament going on during the Indianapolis 500.

No word from the NCAA on whether they will have just one host city for the entire tournament.  Regardless of where it is, most experts believe that the tournament will not be cancelled this year.  There is simply too much money tied to its success.


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