Justin Timberlake should have considered staying home Sunday night.

Instead, he joined many other celebrities in wearing all black and donning a "Time's Up" button, referencing the recent initiative by women and men in Hollywood calling for a change in the treatment of women across all industries.

While many actors are wearing the pin at the event, Justin's choice to wear this pin while promoting his upcoming movie Wonder Wheel directed by Woody Allen has caused the online community to raise their eyebrows.

At a time when numerous people are coming forward with experiences of sexual assault and harassment, Woody continues to be a controversial figure due to the 1992 investigation that there was concern he was sexually abusing his daughter, Dylan Farrow.

Not only has Justin Timberlake not spoken out about working with the alleged-abuser, but while many actors are using the Golden Globes as an opportunity to discuss important matters, Justin instead used the evening to promote his new single, Filthy, in which he controls a robot who slaps women's backsides and dances around them while they wear minimal clothing and crawl on the floor.



The internet was not here for his mess.

One person tweeted, "You're literally in the new Woody Allen movie." Another chimed in, "You gotta quit working with Woody Allen if you're gonna wear that button, love." Others wrote, "Is it hypocritical that, for example, Justin Timberlake is head to toe in black but was in the last Woody Allen movie?"

Beyond the Woody Allen complaints, others are bringing up the 2004 Super Bowl where he didn't stand up for Janet Jackson during the controversy following the event. Janet was uninvited to that year's Grammys and had her music videos pulled from Viacom's properties. Meanwhile, Justin not only attended the Grammys, but he received several. Twitter users started the hashtag #ApologizeToJanet in the comments.

After tonight's awards, you can catch Justin Timberlake when he takes the stage at the 2018 Super Bowl Pepsi Half Time performance. No word if Janet Jackson has been invited back. 

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