She's an icon for truth, justice, and ... no wait that's Superman.  Wonder Woman has been a role model to the young and old for years, but what country has banned her new movie.  Lebanon has banned the newest Warner Brothers movie because its star served in the Israeli Army, according to USA Today.   Gal Gadot, who stars as Wonder Woman, did not comment at the time of this report.  Lebanon and Israel are at war.

Box Office experts expect Gadot's film to be the first of many superhero Summer Blockbusters.  Most expect the Lebanon ban not to have an impact on the film's success.

For most folks this is a non story, however it goes to show you how politics and the real life issue of war, can impact even the movie business.  I'm sure, thanks to pirating and the internet, that if folks in Lebanon want to see Wonder Woman, they will do so.

Entertainment via movies are designed to distract us from our current problems or issues.  I would hope that the government of Lebanon would reconsider this dumb decision.

Perhaps more time at the movies, would alleviate a lot of the tensions on the battlefield.  It might be a naive thought, but it is the Summer movie season where anything can happen.

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