In the aftermath of recent adverse weather conditions, the Treasure Valley is will have to face the terrible, formidable... potholes. Idaho has its fair share of potholes each year, ranking as the 8th worst state in the America for getting potholes and taking care of potholes, according to this article.

Locals might be more familiar with dodging potholes year after year, but if you're new here, it's worth the warning so you can avoid getting in an accident and/or damaging your vehicle.

Idaho experiences the phenomenon many like to call, "freeze-thaw" cycles. Potholes form when melting snow and ice infiltrate the pavement, causing the ground to expand and create gaps. As temperatures fluctuate, the ground returns to its normal level, leaving gaps beneath the pavement.


The Idaho Transportation Department recommends a cautious approach when encountering potholes. If avoiding them is impossible, drivers are advised to slow down, hit the pothole squarely, release the brakes, and roll through. This minimizes the impact speed and allows the suspension to absorb the shock effectively.

Hitting a pothole can be dangerous... and costly. Vehicles often suffer wheel misalignment, steering issues, bent or cracked wheel rims, internal tire damage, suspension problems, and damage to the undercarriage. If you're familiar with car issues of any kind, you know this can add up quick. So, it's worth it to take the time to handle potholes correctly and safely.

As Treasure Valley motorists navigate our city streets, the battle against potholes may only be beginning, highlighting the urgent need for infrastructure improvements to mitigate the impact of harsh weather conditions on Boise's roads.

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