21-year-old Patrick Crusius allegedly opened fired on hundreds of people in a shopping center in El Paso, Texas killing multiple people.  At this point, the number we're hearing is 20 dead and 26 injured.  The El Paso Police Department currently has one man in custody.  A white male in his early 20's.  We don't know at this time if this is Crusius or someone else.

CNN reports that at approximately 10:30 this morning reports of gunfire were coming from an El Paso Walmart and the Cielo Vista Mall next door.

El Paso Police Sergeant Robert Gomez stated...

This is a large crime scene, a large area.  So we are systematically going through it and making sure that anybody in the area -- number one, we're ruling out that no one is a suspect, and we're also making sure that those people that were separated or hurt are getting the care that they need.

Crowds of people ducked, headed for cover, and hid after hearing gunshots that continued to rain down at the Cielo Vista Mall.  When police finally entered the facility they escorted people out of the shopping center with their hands up exposed showing they were no threat.

There's no word yet on if there was more than one shooter and exactly where most of the damage was done.  There was information online on Patrick Crusius' Facebook page explaining what the motive for this mass shooting was but that information has since been taken down.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all these families.  May God be with you!

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