It's always fascinating to learn about the world's most super secret and top-guarded places like The White House, Area 51, and Fort Knox, especially when they're somewhat close to home. We've covered the most heavily guarded place near Boise, and today we're going to take a deeper look at not one, but two of the world's most secure locations near Idaho and in Utah.

Utah has its own top-tier fortress of secrecy, standing as one of the world's most secure sites.

The Granite Mountain Records Vault in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Granite Mountain Records Vault in Salt Lake City, Utah, is number 13 on the list of most secure places in the world, according to MoneyWise, and number 8 on the list according to WatchMojo.

MoneyWise | Granite Mountain Records Vault, U.S.
MoneyWise | Granite Mountain Records Vault, U.S.

Carved 700 feet inside a mountain by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this vault is protected by two massive doors designed to withstand a nuclear blast. It houses an astonishing 3.5 billion microfilm images and genealogical records, making it a unique and highly secure location in the United States, and by far the most secure location closest to Boise, Idaho.

Check out this fast look that was caught on video by NewZealandAmerican on YouTube:

Topping the list at #1 is the infamous Area 51, which is part of Andrews Air Force Base in Nevada — making this the next closest most secure and heavily guarded location in the world that is closest to Utah and Idaho.

HISTORY on YouTube
HISTORY on YouTube

Area 51 is surrounded by a formidable barbed wire fence and is patrolled by armed guards at all times. Adding to the secrecy, the airspace over Area 51 is completely restricted, preventing any unauthorized flights. This legendary location is often associated with conspiracy theories, believed to be hiding alien spacecraft and extraterrestrial remains etc.

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Take A Forbidden Look Inside Frozen Fort Knox

Fort Knox is closed for the season. While winter visitors can roam the grounds, the interior of the fort is closed off from the general public. If you browse through the photos below, you'll see why the fort is strictly off-limits until spring. That being said, we were given permission to enter the fort to create this gallery.

Again, the fort is closed from November through April. Do not attempt to enter the interior of Fort Knox. Entering the fort during the closed months is trespassing, and very dangerous.

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