As one of the many new residents of the Treasure Valley and someone that has moved from a snow-deprived part of the country, I have to admit that the thought of snow had me a little depressed. I mean, what I love about Boise is the green and the sunshine, so what is enjoyable about winter in Idaho? I decided to find out what people love about living here during the cold months and I found some really interesting and fun things to do that may just change my mind about my lease favorite season.

The Glade Runner at Bogus Basin

This is not only a fun summer activity, but it might even be “cooler” with snow on the ground! Imagine flying through the mountains and the amazing scenery at Bogus Basin with all that white stuff beneath you. Plus, you can even go late because they keep it open until 9pm!

Take A Trip To A Hot Spring

Idaho has plenty of them and a lot of them are within two hours of Boise. Relax in water that hasn’t seen the sun in millions of years. It’s about as pure as you can get and all of those minerals are great for your complexion. The thought of sitting in a natural hot tub while it’s snowing kind of messes with your mind… in a good way!

Go Dog Sledding

Maybe you just watched Togo on Disney Plus and you were thinking about making a trip to Alaska to train for the Iditarod. Well, you don’t have to go that far to do a dog sledding tour! You can go for an afternoon or for several days if you want being pulled by a team of Siberian Huskies right here in Idaho.

There are plenty of fun activities that are all truly “Idaho” that you might want to try this winter!

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