Ok, what's the first thing people say when you tell 'em you're from Idaho? More likely than not, they say something about potatoes. We get it, there are a ton of potatoes in the state. But, did you know we're a big exporter of dairy and cattle? Yep, in fact, in 2016, the dairy industry brought in $2.3 billion in revenue for the state. According to the Idaho Statesman, in the same year, Idaho cashed in on $1.7 billion is cattle and calve sales...compare that to the $851 million made for potatoes.


However, did you know that Idahoans are tapping into other industries to bring in the bucks? Here are three different exports you probably had no idea came out of Idaho.


  • Credit; Yulia_Davidovich
    Credit; Yulia_Davidovich


    Yeah, that's right. Fish eggs! Not just any fish, either. One that's iconic to Idaho...the Sturgeon. Fish Breeders of Idaho in Hagerman sell these precious little nuggets at $1000 per 1,000-gram tin. Holy smokes! Apparently, they get feedback that they're the best in the world too. 

  • Credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel
    Credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel


    Oh yes, bullfrogs from Idaho. Steve Rivas of Twin Falls has always loved bullfrogs. And according to the Idaho Statesman, has now made his hobby a career. He and his wife started Rana Ranch Commercial Bullfrogs. They sell the green hoppers to medical researchers working on hearing loss, nerve damage, Alzheimer's and cancer.

  • Credit: Natallia Yaumenenka
    Credit: Natallia Yaumenenka


    Yak meat. You ever try it? Apparently, it's pretty good and when compared to chicken and beef it's super lean, only 4% fat (compared to 24% in beef, and 9% in chicken). Chances are that if you buy some Yak meat it'll probably be coming from a farm in Northern Idaho. Taylor Ranch Yaks started back in 1989 with just five Yaks.

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