Idahoans reflect as a new study excludes Idaho from being one of the best places to live in America right now. Notably, Boise and the Treasure Valley are absent from the latest rankings of the 50 best places to live in America. This deviation from the trend since 2019 has sparked contemplation among locals about the state potentially reaching a saturation point.

Idaho has consistently secured a place on various "best of" lists for many years, and the state has been a magnet for those seeking an ideal hometown, however, the latest rankings released by Stacker do not include any Idaho cities.

Instead, there's largely an East Coast presence on the list, as none of our neighboring states are mentioned, either. States like Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland were all highlighted for factors such as affordability, stellar school systems, and proximity to cultural and recreational amenities (full list below).

Interestingly, Idahoans are expressing a noticeable weariness about the increasing number of newcomers, especially right now as the harsh winter weather has revealed just how many people live here that are not from here — our infrastructure just can't handle it right now.

Idaho not being on this list only highlights the sentiment shared by most residents that Idaho might be, "officially full." For those thinking about moving, whether to Idaho or from Idaho, consider Stacker's latest recommendations of the best places in America to live right now in 2024.

We curated the list of 6 states based on the the states with the most cities mentioned by Stacker.

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