Are Idahoans actually flocking to California? It feels like this can't be real, however, recent data reveals some surprising trends in regards to where Idahoans move to the most.

In an era marked by unparalleled mobility and nationwide relocations, surprising migration patterns are on the rise, notably in the Boise area and the broader Treasure Valley. Here, the narrative often centers on Idahoans' perceived reluctance to embrace California.

Contrary to popular belief, the years 2019-2020 witnessed a dip in interstate migrations across the United States. According to a report by Stacker, a mere 9.3% of Americans relocated during this period, marking a historic low since 1947 when migration data was first recorded by the Census Bureau.

Despite this overall trend, California has emerged as a surprising destination for Idahoans looking for a new place to live. Stacker's analysis, detailing the top 40 states where Idahoans relocate, reveals California ranking in the top 5 — number four on the list.

Here's a snapshot of the figures pertaining to California:

4,372 Idaho residents relocated to California in 2019, constituting 8.0% of all out-of-state moves. California reciprocated with 17,722 residents making the journey to Idaho, positioning it as the 11th most common origin state for newcomers.

Here are the most current numbers from Stacker:

- 5,567 people from Idaho moved to California in 2022, making up 7.89% of new residents that moved to another state

-- Residents of Idaho were the #23 most common origin for people moving to California

These statistics not only go against the narrative and what most Idahoans would think,  but they also also highlight a fascinating, shifting dynamic between Idaho and California.

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