It appears people over at CNN shouldn’t throw rocks when they live in glass houses! This of course, is if a new report by conservative provocateur James O’Keefe III is to be believed.

During a show with 580KIDO’s own Sean Hannity, James O’Keefe III claimed he will soon release “hundreds of hours” of unaired footage that was provided to him by people inside the network.

During the radio show, O’Keefe didn’t divulge which particular network would be hit, but did make it clear that the station was the one President Donald Trump has been talking about recently. In his own words, “It’s the one he’s always targeting,” O’Keefe said.

InfoWars and Huffington Post among others are all under the impression that the information James O’Keefe has is on CNN. In Huffington Posts’ own words, “Trump has been on a tear against the network” since Buzzfeed (which is partially owned by NBCUniversal) published an unverified and potentially unverifiable dossier regarding sex acts with Russians. The Buzzfeed publication of the memos was immediately criticized by journalists for the lack of ethics in their reporting, and by publishing sketchy leaks instead of journalistic stories. Many items in the dossier were immediately proven false, with the rest being unverifiable.

According to Huffington Post, who also had a reporter on the radio program claimed, we “asked if O’Keefe had acquired the footage from camera or set crew members who would have access to it, but he declined to say. Networks record off-air interactions between hosts, reporters and guests, and a crew member sympathetic to O’Keefe’s cause could potentially access a lot of material.”

Whatever the batch of material is, O’Keefe has been planning this WikiLeak’s style leak for at least a month. Back in January, O’Keefe warned that he was going after the media during an appearance at a pro-Trump inauguration event. “We’re inside their newsrooms,” he said.

Only time will tell, but in the era of #FakeNews, it will be interesting to see what this leak holds!

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