The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) recently celebrated their inaugural "Name a Plow contest," bringing recognition to the creative minds behind the winning names. As snow events rushed through the Treasure Valley this season, and as more snow events might be on the horizon, these uniquely named plows are seen regularly clearing Boise area roads.

After sifting through over 3,000 clever name submissions, there were only 4 names chosen as the winners, each carrying its own humor and charm. The community had the chance to cast their votes for 3 of the winning names, while ACHD employees had the privilege of selecting the 4th.

Here's the official Facebook post regarding this contest from ACHD:

It appears the winners were officially honored in a ceremony where they were presented with certificates, $100 gift cards, ACHD merchandise, and, of course, the cherished bragging rights of coming up with the most clever snow plow names.

Here are the winning names and their proud creators:

  • “ASHTON JEANTY” - Mike Walsh, Boise State Associate Athletic Director
  • “SNOTATO” - Trevin Meredith of Eagle
  • “CTRL+SALT+DELETE” - Christina Straub of Meridian
  • “THE BIG LEPLOWSKI” - Josh Crill, ACHD Project Inspector

Keep scrolling for more clever snow plow names!

The winners got to visit the maintenance yard to witness their winning names proudly displayed on the snow plows, and ACHD expressed gratitude to the community for their enthusiastic participation in the contest — hinting at the anticipation for next year's Name a Plow contest, encouraging locals to jot down some clever ideas and save them for next year.

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