How many of you knew former CHiPs TV star, Eric Estrada was an Idaho Police officer? It's true, Eric has been a reserve police officer for the St. Anthony police department in South Eastern Idaho for over a year now, and he recently went above and beyond the call of duty when he donated a drug-sniffing dog to the St. Anthony Police Department.

According to a story published in the Rexburg Standard Journal,  the star of the 1970s TV series CHiPs donated a 3-year-old German Shepherd-Malinois narcotics dog named Mako to the St. Anthony Police Department.

Mako will work with Sgt. Greg Belew to help search for narcotics at local schools and also assist nearby police agencies as well as the Idaho State Police.

St. Anthony Police Chief Allen Neff said the agency hasn’t had a police dog because they couldn’t afford the cost of the dog, which is around $15,000.

That’s when Estrada came to the rescue. Chief Neff said, “Estrada has continues to contribute money and materials to the agency.”


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