The perception of what Idahoans eat outside our state and the Mountain West is predictable. Idaho is a potato state, so most folks believe we consume meat, steak, and potatoes. However, the growth of the Boise area continues to attract popular national chicken chains. Yes, fried, baked, grilled, or chicken has captured Idahoans' attention and taste buds. 

While most folks continue to proudly post on social media how long or how short their wait was for In-N-Out Burgers in Meridian, a chicken giant will soon be opening in Meridian. 

Last year, folks were treated to Slim Chickens, an Arkansas-based restaurant with lines of people waiting for Southern-style chicken. It wasn't that long ago Chick-fil-A opened two locations in Boise and Meridian, which was big news. The popular chain opened another location in Nampa and is considered one of the city's most popular fast-food restaurants. 

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Another Southern Chicken chain will be opening stores in Boise and Meridian. If you're one of the many commuters who use Chinden Boulevard, you have noticed the building of Guthrie's. Guthrie's is an Alabama-based Chicken restaurant that began in the 1960s.

The chain's founder was Hall Guthrie from Jasper, Alabama. His passion for chicken and customer service has propelled his one store into a national expanding chain.


The food served is fried chicken tenders, potatoes, and bread. After reading that description, you may ask yourself, what's the big deal? Simply put, from firsthand experience, Guthrie's Chicken is outstanding. The company will be opening a Boise location on Vista Avenue. 


Guthrie's has a unique way of describing one of their offerings called the 'gut box.' featuring chicken tenders, Cole slaw, French fries, Texas Toast, and their one-of-a-kind sauce. You can look at all of their excellent offerings here.



While the potato will always be the most famous food of the Gem State, Idahoans are getting ready to eat more chicken. 

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