Who doesn't love Chick-Fil-A?  Their food is second to none and their customer service is usually rated number one or two in the country.  The company has always prided itself on promoting Christian values.  The restaurant closes every Sunday so workers can spend time with their families and go to church. 

So the news that the popular chain has decided not to support two organizations is troubling to diehard Chick-Fil-A fans.   Chick-Fil-A To Stop Donations To Controversial Charities Chick-Fil-A has announced that it will stop making donations to two Christian charities with controversial views on LGBT issues. The fast food chain has faced criticism and protests for years over CEO Dan Cathy's views on same-sex marriage, and for giving millions to charities accused of anti-LGBT bias.  It looks like the company has now bowed to pressure from outside liberal groups.

On Monday, Chick-Fil-A announced it would no longer fund two such charities, the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Those two charities have made a significant impact on fighting poverty.  No word of a reaction from the Salvation Army or the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the time of publication.   Instead the company will focus its donations on "education, homelessness, and hunger". Are you happy with the new direction of Chick-Fil-A?  Do you think this move will appease protesters?  Do you boycott any companies over their political views?

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