Meridian and Kuna area residents were shaken by another rollover accident on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023. This time, the rollover was at the intersection of Meridian Road and Amity.

This incident is one of the latest in a series of troubling accidents in our area over the past week, even amidst generally good weather conditions. On Facebook, in the group Kuna Must Know, there was a concerned witness who passed by the scene and remarked...

"I drove by when it must have just happened - it looked like someone was still in the overturned vehicle. There was a lady with her dog (intentionally posting this photo that doesn't show her face.) I hope you, the other driver, and your pup are okay!"

Jennifer L. | Kuna Must Know on Facebook
Jennifer L. | Kuna Must Know on Facebook

Facebook posts like this just show the shared concern of local residents, and it reminds us all of the seriousness of these accidents.

While each accident may have its own unique challenges, contributing factors appear to include distracted driving, running red lights, excessive speeding, and overall failure to maintain control of the vehicle.

Sean L. | Kuna Must Know on Facebook | Another rollover accident earlier this week.
Sean L. | Kuna Must Know on Facebook | Another rollover accident earlier this week.

Avoid distractions like texting, eating, or multitasking while you're driving — your full attention should be on the road. Respect speed limits and traffic signs and rules. For example, don't run red lights!

A big one we're seeing more of is following people too closely with not enough time to slow down. With increased traffic in our area, expect sudden breaking and slowdowns, and allow for enough space. Lastly, wear your seatbelt and don't drink and drive. Let's keep each other safe.

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