Caldwell Police issue an important warning and reminder for us all to not walk alone, and to especially make sure our kids are not walking alone. After a scary situation where a child had a close call with a stranger on October 15, the Caldwell police are now investigating the situation and encouraging the public to be safe.

The story is as follows, according to a recent press release from the Caldwell Police Department.

At 7:42pm near N. Indiana and Roosevelt, a child walking alone noticed a car following her. When she turned onto a different street, the car stopped. She thought the driver was waiting for her to cross the road, so she did. But things took a dangerous turn when the car pulled up next to her and then in front of her to cut her off.

Thinking fast, the child ran to a nearby friend's house, getting to safety. The car was red, but they don't know the exact model. The driver was described as a Hispanic man between 30 and 40 years old.

The Caldwell Police Department is actively investigating this incident. If you know anything, please call 208-343-COPS or the non-emergency dispatch line at 208-454-7531. Remember, it's never a good idea to approach a suspect or their vehicle. The child's quick actions were commendable in ensuring her safety.

Parents and guardians, please remind your kids:

1. Never get into a car with a stranger.
2. Tell a trusted adult if a stranger approaches.
3. If possible, walk with friends and avoid walking alone, especially after dark. Your child's safety is absolutely crucial!

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