Military or self described 'assault weapons' are not protected by the Constitution.  Find out which court and what state this applies to here.  The Fourth Circuit, based in Maryland, ruled 10-4 that 'military styled' weapons are not protected by the Second Amendment, reports the Baltimore Sun.  The decision shows how much gun rights are in constant flux.  Some folks wonder whether or not this is the right time to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

If SCOTUS reinforces the lower court's decision it becomes law in all the states.  It would take years of court battles to get that decision overturned.  The left has continued to fight the 2008 Heller decision that liberated gun owners from federal control.

Gun Rights Advocates would be wise to table any court battles until SCOTUS has all nine justices in place.  Or wait until Ginsberg (84), Breyer (79), or Kennedy (81) decide to retire.  If those liberal justices are replaced by true conservative ones, then we'll truly have a conservative court that will protect the Second Amendment instead of trying to destroy it.


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