When Winter Carnival returns to McCall in January, one of your favorite places to have breakfast won't be there waiting for you.

It's no secret that Bonnie and George Bertram, the owners of McCall's famous Pancake House have been hoping to sell the restaurant so that they can retire. The restaurant has been on the market since at least the summer of 2018. The couple hoped that they would eventually find a buyer that would carry on the popular restaurant's legacy but it looks like it wasn't meant to be.

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Dania Haselton posted a photo of a note from Bonnie on Facebook where Bonnie explained that the restaurant has finally sold and that the buyer has no interest in continuing to operate the Pancake House. While addressing what the Pancake House could become, she wrote "That purpose has not been disclosed to us - nor to anyone else - so we cannot speak to that."

News of the sale churches up the rumor mill. Some Facebook users speculated that it could become a second Huck House Brunchette, but Jenny Calazaretta, a Brand Manager with The Godsill Company which operates the Boise location debunked that myth by replying to a comment "We secured a different location on the water."

Others predict a grocery store. McCall's current major grocery retailers are Ridley's on Diehard Ln and Albertsons on Lake Street.

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