Some folks are fine packing luggage and other gear when traveling on an airplane. However, it is odd when you have folks that over-stuff their carry-on bags, so they don't have to check their luggage.

Travelers all over the country have to bear the burden of these folks who routinely take up too much space on airplanes. And for clarification, we are describing accessories, not people with or without protruding waistline.

No one enjoys standing in line, especially the TSA line. We're fortunate that we usually don't have the excessively long lines in Boise that they do at other airports. I doubt any of us relish taking off our shoes, belts, and anything else to go through the x-ray machine or whatever is at airports. On a personal note, I do not enjoy the pat downs.


It can be frustrating when folks need to follow common sense when taking items on an airplane. How many people would take a gun on a plane? Or some weapon? Once a year, the Boise Airport reveals the most unusual items that they've prevented from being taken on a plane. For the record, folks in Boise have tried to carry a gun on their plane ride to the east coast. The Boise Airport held press event covered by the Idaho Statesman.

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