The Boise Greenbelt is an incredible free place to enjoy a bike ride, go far for a walk and get some great exercise. However, this weekend some folks got carried away as a bridge jumper jumped onto a floating device, injuring several people.

Bridge jumping in Boise? Yes, you can legally jump from a bridge into the Boise River as long as you're fifty feet away from a floater. Sadly, that didn't happen Saturday, as two people were injured when a jumper hit a floater, according to the Idaho Statesman. 



The injuries occurred at the Baybrook Bridge, a trendy place for bridge jumpers. I have witnessed several folks jumping off the bridge, a Boise tradition.  I have witnessed several folks jumping off the bridge, a Boise tradition. Twin Falls has a bridge jumping tradition where folks around the world travel to the small Idaho city to jump off the I.B. Perrine Bridge. However, those folks pack parachutes for their jump!


What's Next?

Will, the city council reconsider allowing folks to jump off a bridge legally? It would be impossible for the police and fire departments to enforce unless they operated every bridge. Both departments do not have the workforce or the will to implement a proposed ban.

How to stop further injuries?

It all comes down to two words, common sense. Idahoans can enjoy jumping off bridges if they avoid the floaters. Although well-meaning, most floaters do not want to be splashed by unknown bridge jumpers.

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