Do you remember being a kid and having one parent that seemed to let you get away with having a little more fun than the other or get away with things that weren't normal for the other? Perhaps they were more strict--especially when the other was away? It's a fair comparison to Idaho politics these days.

Just think of Governor Brad Little as our Daddy and Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin as our mother. Whenever Daddy "leaves the house" for a day or so--mother jumps into action and tries to make up some rules--that Daddy always voids when he gets back.

Yes, the national media has grown to love the way Little and McGeachin go back and forth and frankly, it's a little embarrassing. Divisive rhetoric here in Idaho has also grown--especially among the Idaho GOP, internally, because of all of this.

Now, McGeachin is running for Governor of Idaho... 

Janice McGeachin Campaigns for Idaho Governor

Idaho's Conservative Liuetenant Governor Janice McGeachin tours the state of Idaho battling the Libs.

With her candidacy well-known in Idaho and beyond, her name has become a hot commodity for hosting conservative events-- one, happening at a local brewery, is drawing a lot of attention. 

Although it is clearly stated as NOT being a campaign event, McGeachin has people on both sides of the political isle talking for simply hosting a local event. It's actually the venue that is taking the heat, however.

Powderhaus Brewing Company, a popular local beer destination on Chinden Boulevard, is hosting (per a shared post by Tammy Nichols' campaign page) an event to be emceed by Janice McGeachin, that costs $40 to get into. According to the flyer, the cost includes two beers (or glasses of wine) and food. The event is hoping to encourage Republican legislators to sign a "pledge" to "save" the nation's education system.

Pledges that are signed will be mailed to former President Donald Trump-- although nobody is sure what Trump will do with them.

There is also information on the flyer that outlines "remaining proceeds" will be given to the Boise Toys for Tots campaign.

The rhetoric around the event is getting a lot of attention-- some say it's great, others say they'll no longer support Powderhaus for doing something like this. According to a very extensive thread on Reddit, many just think the brewery should have stayed out of this--no matter what the owners or management may believe.

Another major concern is the Toys For Tots logo usage-- is this an event that aligns with the cause? Should the logo be on something so partisan when really, it's just about kids getting toys for Christmas?

No word on what type of remaining proceeds will be left over as the cost to enter is $40 and that is all that we know. One passionate commenter wrote:

Speaking of 'remaining proceeds'... remaining from what, exactly? I suspect that there will be no 'remaining proceeds', since there is no target amount stated, and that it goes to politician who's putting this on.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this type of event--but do you think that the brewery deserves the kind of "heat" that it is taking?

See the post for yourself, below:

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event

President Biden Arrives in Boise

President Biden is greeted by protesters during his visit to Boise, Idaho.

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