In recent years, credit card issues have been on the rise across America, impacting families and households nationwide. Since 2019, there has been a noticeable increase in the average number of credit cards held by individuals, leading to questions. and concerns about financial stability.

How are we looking here in the state of Idaho?

Well, the Boise area, in particular, has also seen a significant shift in credit card ownership. According to WalletHub's data, the average person in Boise now has around 4-6 credit cards.

One of our neighboring Treasure Valley cities is also on the list — Nampa. While Nampa has secured 105th place on the list, it's important to note that the city is rapidly climbing in credit card ownership, Nampa takes 28th on the list for increase in credit cards in the last quarter of 2023.

Source: WalletHub

Boise, Idaho

Skyline of Boise with snow in the foothills

Boise, ranked 152nd on WalletHub's list, has a total score of 37.13, reflecting a higher average of credit cards per resident, though, not as high on the list as Nampa. As for the increase of credit cards in the last quarter of 2023, Boise is ranked 107th.

Overall, Idaho is doing really great, considering how we rank compared to other states like Utah and California. Utah also has 2 cities on the list (Salt Lake City and West Valley City) with similar results to Idaho, though SLC is ranked much higher at 96th.

California, however, has an overwhelming 29 cities on the list. This sparks the question: Will we be seeing rises in the Treasure Valley as more Californians continue to move here?

John Kiernan, a WalletHub Editor, stresses the importance of responsible credit management:

"There isn’t a magic number of credit cards you should have in your wallet. It’s good to own multiple cards if you can manage them well, by paying on time, keeping your credit utilization low and waiting at least six months between applications. However, if you’re opening new cards simply to spend beyond your means, you’ll quickly find many cards hard to manage.”

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