One of the many unfortunate constants during the Biden Administration is their failed border policy. The Biden Administration has allowed more folks into this country illegally than any past presidential administration.

The border problem is so overwhelming that border states have sent busloads of illegal immigrants to liberal blue states and cities.

Progressive mayors have complained publicly to the White House to seal the border. President Biden announced a move to restore Trump's border security policies. However, more cities are overwhelmed with folks that are here illegally.

As we first reported here, social media speculation that the Boise area is now receiving busloads of illegals from over states and cities. The news media has failed to report on this issue, dismissing the posts as right-wing propaganda.

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However, a chilling announcement by Utah Governor Spencer Cox is causing many folks in Idaho and Utah to reconsider the liberal media narrative.

Governor Cox posted on social media that the city of Denver has and is sending illegal immigrants to Utah without notification. He goes into a further description below.


The governor's comments, 'every state is now a border state,' echoes those of Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue. Is it unreasonable to believe if Denver is sending busloads of illegals to Utah, couldn't they be sending them to Idaho?

At the time of this publication, we've not heard from any state agency confirming or denying the existence of the busloads. We'll continue to update you on this story as it develops.

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