Speculation continues throughout the entire college football off-season. The newest craziest story involves the Utah Utes moving from the Big 12 to the ACC. Utah has been accepted to join the Big 12 and will officially become a member in August.

College football content creators have taken a story, speculated by an East Coast writer who perhaps has never been to Utah, and ran with it. The ACC is about ready to be blown up through litigation from Florida State and Clemson. Those two teams want more money, but the ACC can't pay them.

YouTube/Utah Football
YouTube/Utah Football

While a move to the Big Ten might seem like a more natural fit for Utah, it's crucial to consider the intricate balance of cultural and geographical alignment in conference realignment. If Utah were to leave the Big Twelve, Boise State, with its national appeal and potential fit, could present a compelling option, uncovered by national writers.

Boise State is the one non power power with the national appeal to be an attractive addition to the Big 12. Boise State and BYU have an incredible rivalry that will draw television ratings. Let's not forget the iconic Blue Turf featured in the newest EAS Sports College Football 25 video game.

The Broncos football and basketball programs are competitive enough to draw fans and win championships. The university doesn't have enough additional sports to warrant a full membership. A football/ basketball only membership is a win/win for both parties.

With a stable marketable conference Boise State could eventually add enough programs to earn a full membership. It's a shame the Big 12 didn't make the Broncos an offer they couldn't refuse.

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