Summer is here and so is fireworks season across the Gem State.  If you're new to Idaho then you'll want to know what type of fireworks are legal to celebrate the Fourth of July or a special occasion.Did you know that Idaho law prohibits the sale of aerial fireworks to the public?  The Boise Fire Department wants you to know that signing an affidavit to take the aerial or special fireworks does not comply with Idaho law.

An analysis prepared for Idaho State Senator Maryanne Jordan found that the practice does not comply with state law.  In other words, there is no loophole in the statue that has been used for years by fireworks sellers.

It is illegal in Idaho to sell fireworks that are not safe and sane to the general public.  The Boise Fire Department is warning fireworks vendors that they can be held responsible if they sell illegal fireworks in Idaho.

Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan brings the point home.  "Under Idaho law, it is illegal to sell aerial fireworks to the general public, except under limited circumstances, if you do choose to use fireworks that are not safe, the consequences can be devastating."


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