Boise High has made the news lately. It seems that the powers that be have decided that the mascot that was on the side of the gym had to go. The offensive picture was that of a Native American Warrior ready for battle with a knife and tomahawk. Despite no apparent outcry from the community, school officials painted over the 'offending' image. And you thought you lived in Idaho. Welcome to California, or is it Portland?  The reaction was predictable. The list of the usual progressives lauded the decision by the school as a step in the right direction. Others complained that the current logo, a few feathers, and a B, belittle the legacy of the Boise High tradition.

Aren't we living in Idaho? I believe most of us would've liked to have heard whether or not anyone had a problem with the image before the school officials gave it a paint job. It's amazing that the Cleveland Indians, the Washington Redskins, and the Florida State Seminoles continue to draw huge crowds and entertain fans. I guess those folks are not as sensitive or enlightened as the Boise High Cadre.

We've become so politically correct that shows like Seinfeld, the Jeffersons, and All in the Family could not be broadcast today. I was once ordered, not here, by a radio station manager not to play the theme from the Jeffersons because it's racist. My arguments of the first amendment were squashed by my need to make a mortgage payment.

In today's world, we find any perceived slight as a reason to be outraged. In fact, there's an entire industry on television dedicated to exploiting the faux outrage over any incident. The danger is that folks are using expression to silence dissent. Recently, one person complained about someone wearing a 'Don't tread on me' hat to work. An overly sensitive bureaucrat, like the folks a Boise High, has deemed the hat racially offensive.

The examples could go on and on, most of us don't have the time or patience to debate these issues. Until one day we say, enough is enough. Real courage is not pandering to be politically correct. Real courage, is defending everyone's right to an opinion.