The issue of forced vaccinations has dominated our discussions, whether on radio, television, or social media. The following are emails from real folks within and outside of the medical community sharing their experiences of being forced to take the shot or lose their jobs. Their names have been taken out to protect their identities.  

 I am an ultrasound technologist working at one of the healthcare systems in the valley that recently announced a mandate requiring the Emergency Use Authorized covid vaccines. When we are performing ultrasound tests, we are sitting or standing right next to the patient, so we can reach them with the handheld transducer used to take the pictures. During the pandemic, we were at work, performing exams on outpatients and covid patients alike. We didn't provide care to as many covid patients as nurses, but felt we were part of the "front line effort". Now we are being called to the front lines again.


 Healthcare workers have a clearer picture of the effects of COVID than anyone outside the hospitals. We have been taught to follow scientific methods and evaluate data for what it tells us without letting our bias get in the way. Yet we are being forced to take a vaccine that many of us have chosen not to take based on the principles we use in healthcare every day. WE ARE INFORMED AND WE DO NOT CONSENT.  

The massive experiment happening in the US right now could have been a beautiful example of people stepping up to participate in a clinical trial and doing something to benefit society. There were many willing participants. But scientific method has not been followed and the data is being forced to fit the theory of the vaccines being safe. Adverse outcomes are not being reliably or transparently tracked so we can't have accurate data on the short- or long-term effects of the vaccines. 

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The CDC stopped tracking breakthrough cases not ending in hospitalization or death as of May 1, 2021, so how do we know the true effectiveness of these vaccines? The unvaccinated who are not anti-vaccine are desperate for more data, but are being forced to be assaulted with an injection of uncertain consequences or give up the careers we love caring for the people in our community. 

How is that a choice? The healthcare systems would have the public believe that the "few" employees who don't want the vaccine can simply fill out a medical or religious exemption form and continue doing our jobs. What that truly means is we must expose our medical history or personal religious beliefs in enough detail for administrative workers to "consider" an exemption for us. There are many who are not exempted from vaccines based on medical history or their religious beliefs, who are simply not comfortable with the COVID vaccines because they are not FDA-approved yet. 


What options are open for those employees? I completed a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, passed my registry exams in Abdomen, OB/GYN, Breast, Vascular, and most recently Pediatric Sonography. I have performed high-quality diagnostic ultrasound tests for many patients that diagnosed their gallstones, blood clots, fetal anomalies, and cancer. I have dedicated much of my adult life to furthering my knowledge to benefit my patients and thereby my community. 

File photo by Andrew Weeks
File photo by Andrew Weeks

I worked through the pandemic with N95 masks being used an unknown amount of times when they were only ever approved for single use. We were on the front lines, we showed up, I personally worked an extra three weeks straight when my coworker was ill with COVID. Now our employers are ready to terminate us because we want what we offer all of our patients. Informed consent and the right to refuse medical intervention. It should be a personal choice for every Idaho resident, not just our patients. Please help us continue protecting ourselves and fellow Idahoans by standing up for body autonomy.  


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Hello, I read the story you had published and I am thankful that there is at least some type of coverage on this issue. And I wanted to send an email with my thoughts with my permission to publish it as well. I have worked with LOCAL HOSPITAL for over 3 years, and I am immensely saddened by this. Because I don't agree with putting a vaccine into my body I am now being punished and losing my job. I don't want to stay with a corporation that forces this and the consequence is to lose our jobs.

My mom who has been with them for over 25 years is now having to figure out her next steps because they don't honor her choice. What is happening to our world? It is incredibly sad. And they think that it's okay because they forced us to get the flu vaccine and others and we did so, so what's the difference? The difference is there has to be boundaries and a line drawn somewhere? If not now then when?

The fact that we have to choose a vaccine over our beliefs and lose our jobs if not is sickening. I was in school to continue my nursing career and now I cannot even continue that because it is a requirement to have the vaccine before clinicals. I can no longer stay in my desired career, what I have a passion for since I was little is no longer my path. It's heartbreaking. 


I listen to you almost every morning and agree with you and most callers that are on the right side. Definitely don't agree with Liberal Steve, Amy or Mark from Boise.

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Relistening to today's show a lot of callers were referring to vaccine requirements for employees at medical offices and how the COVID vaccine is not any different than the flu shot. They also referred to protecting patients by obtaining the vaccine. FDA approval aside; requiring an individual to obtain a vaccine/medicine is against our own personal rights. By the Idaho legislature allowing this to continue it opens the box for other non-medical employers to require the experimental vaccine for employment. 

I work for a large Idaho employer and my employer is treading heavily on the COVID vaccine line and in some areas are segregating/limiting employees based on vaccine status... I fear if St Als, St Lukes and Primary Health get away with this requirement; it just opens the door for other Idaho employers to require the experimental vaccine.

I personally do not want the vaccine; however, I am very much on the side of everyone choosing what is best for you. 

I felt today's conversation was a really good one but it did leave out other "private" employers and them requiring this experimental vaccine as well. We need to fight the ridiculousness that is surrounding everything COVID. 

Mr. Speaker,

With all due respect, I'm appalled that you are turning your back on the citizens of this state in favor of "business as usual" at the capitol. To be forced to receive a very suspect injection, in which proven serious side effects are becoming more apparent and common every day, just to keep from losing your job, stinks of a level of authoritarianism that I never thought I'd witness here in our great and conservative State of Idaho.

"Running out the clock" on this issue is not in keeping with representing the health, safety, and personal rights of our citizens.

There are multiple consequences that this lack of leadership will have upon Idaho. While even our liberal neighbors in other states are able to see the fallacy in "no jab, no job", you sir are holding back the Idaho representative government from at least debating what is best for Idahoans.

Please reconsider your in-actions. The citizens of Idaho are counting on you.. I'm writing today to express my concerns regarding the recent announcement from our administration to mandate the experimental COVID shot or face termination. I appreciate the support you have already shown for the situation healthcare workers are facing. 


Last year, as the world was shutting down, my husband and I made the decision to move our two teenage boys to Idaho, the state we referred to as "free America," and out of California where our liberties were increasingly being infringed upon. We are so proud to be Idahoans. We thought our vote finally meant something and we were finally home. 

Over the course of this last year I felt like a valued member of my team at St. Luke's despite the difficulties COVID presented. More recently, our department has been struggling to keep sufficient staffing numbers to safely care for patients as is the case across the healthcare systems in the country.


This is NOT due to employees calling out due to COVID illness, it has everything to do with the lack of support from administration and the challenges faced this last year and currently. Many of my colleagues have left to seek better work environments and opportunities for advancement. The current message from administration is that we are expendable. We are easily replaced by expensive travel nurses and inadequately qualified nurses. Mandating this will force many of us to seek employment elsewhere. Leaving the community at risk.


From a local nurse...

I will have no choice but to resign and likely leave the nursing profession all together if this is not reversed. Once St. Luke’s, St. Al’s, and Primary Health succeed, the rest of the medical facilities in the valley will likely follow suit. Thank you for posing the question to your viewers, callers, and Senator Zito,

“Why are so many in the medical field opposed to this vaccine?” We are educated professionals that are trained to critically think. I have concerns about a drug that has not received FDA approval and has not undergone the appropriate safety testing. Especially with the new warnings about myocarditis and risk of clotting. I also have concerns about the lack of rights healthcare workers have in this state. It’s ironic that a predominately liberal state like Oregon has protections in place for it’s healthcare workers and first responders but this great conservative state appears to place business above it’s citizens.


House Speaker Bedke’s reasoning to not support opposition to this mandate and reconvene sounds like he and the Governor are representing business rather than that of Idaho’s citizens. I’m confused as to why Bedke supported House Bill 140 if he is hesitating to reconvene. It’s as if he doesn’t care and it’s not worth his inconvenience or is something else motivating his stalling? Is he a representative of the people or business? This is crony capitalism or communism. Call it what you like. Communists come for your income, your healthcare, and your food. This is just the beginning. What’s next?


Again, I thank you for your support and urge you to continue to show that support by sharing our stories and by asking the tough questions of our state leaders, like Bedke, and the Governor for the citizens of Idaho.

God Bless!

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