The Boise Pride Festival, scheduled for this weekend, has become a topic of controversy among Idahoans, who question the festival's timing and the plans to light up the state capitol building with rainbow colors.

One of the central issues at the heart of this debate is the festival's rescheduling from June, which is Pride Month, to a weekend in September. This isn't new for the festival, as they've done this in previous years, but why do they host Boise Pride Festival in September? Let's find out.

According to Donald Williamson, the executive director of Boise Pride and the Boise Pride Festival, “Having the festival in September allows us to attract vendors that wouldn’t normally come to Boise because they have to decide which city’s festival to attend,” as first mentioned on The Arbiter.

It would appear the main reason is to not compete with other festivals, and for more people to attend.

As for the lights, event organizers intend to light up the Idaho State Capitol building with bright rainbow colors, however, the state is enforcing a policy that "prohibits projecting light on the building from the Capitol grounds," as first reported by Idaho Statesman.

In response, the Boise Pride Festival is now seeking donations to secure stronger lights, making it so they can light up the building from further away.

As the Boise Pride Festival approaches, it's clear there's a controversial debate among Idahoans. Is Boise the most LGBTQIA+ friendly city in Idaho? Surprisingly, no. Here's the most Pride-friendly city in Idaho.

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