It is officially summer time in Idaho, y’all.

And we can definitely tell, because we haven’t stopped sweating since last week!




Especially today – it is the very first day of 2022 where we will be experiencing triple digit weather!

That’s right, it is going to be 102 degrees today.

Holy cow.


Is this a record for highest temperature?

Not quite. 

The highest recorded temperature on June 27 in Idaho was 106 degrees in 2015. 

However, today will mark the second all-time highest temperature.

The current second and third highest were 101 degrees in 2006 and 2016. 


What are the temperatures usually like?

The average high temperature in Idaho on June 27 (between 1991 and 2020) is 86.1 degrees, and the average low temperature is 56.8 degrees.

So as you can see, with a high of 102 and low of 63 today, we’re seeing temperatures that are significantly warmer than average.


In fact, experts expect temperatures to simply continue rising over the years.

The summer of 2021 was actually Boise’s hottest summer on record – with 18 days reaching temperatures in the triple digits of 100 or more.

This was just shy of the 20-day record set in 2003.


What does this mean for Idahoans?

Higher temperatures hold a lot of implications for Idahoans:


  • With the dry heat, there is an increased risk of fires. Which, if you’re newer to the Treasure Valley, you can expect fire bans and smog throughout most of the summer. Be smart and be safe, especially with fireworks with the upcoming holiday.
  • Locals need to be hyper vigilant about not leaving their pets in warm vehicles. 
  • Be cautious of overheating and staying hydrated when adventuring outside, and wear protection against the sun. 
  • The ground is going to be extra hot with these scorching temperatures, and if you’re taking your pup on a walk or hike, this could be damaging to their feet pads. 
  • Get outside and enjoy the warm weather in Idaho’s beautiful scenery!

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